Having had 9 years’ experience in the nail industry, we thought it would be the right time to launch a brand that not only prides itself in quality and durability but is built around ensuring the art of beautiful nails. Alas Linova Gel was created, With our brand you can be sure to find some of the most vibrant colours yet, our colour chart is ever growing ensuring that we provide the latest and most wanted colours always! 

Linova is a quality gel polish that is bottled and displayed for you and your customers convenience with our lid colour indicators, you do not have to worry about having colour charts and thumbnails, the easy application brush allows for even distribution of our rich colour based gel, giving you an effortlessly flawless finish, isn't that what beautiful nails is all about? 

"I have had the pleasure of working with many gel brands over the years and never quite found myself satisfied with a brand until now."
- Megann Ward. Qualified Nail artist for 8 years
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