How much is delivery?
Delivery is R80.00 standard across South Africa

How long does delivery take?
Delivery takes 2-4 working days.

Do you need a primer or bonding agent when using Linova Gel?
When using Linova Rubber Base you do not require any bonding agent.

Do you have to wipe after using Linova Gel?
Our products are non wipe.

Is Linova Gel self leveling?
Yes our product is self leveling.

What lamp should I use?
We always encourage a LED lamp no less than 36 watts.

How long should I cure Linova Gel for?
We always recommend 2 minutes of curing each coat.

Do you have any stores?
We are purely a online point of sale company.

Can I purchase your products on credit?
Yes you can, at checkout please select PayJustNow as your choice of payment and follow their easy application process.

Are your products Vegan?
Yes they are.

Does Linova Gel test its products on animals?
We very proud to say we are animal testing FREE.

How long does the gel last?
When applied correctly, your gel should last 4-6 weeks.

Is Linova Gel difficult to remove?
No we are a soak of gel, you can follow a simple soak off procedure using acetone.

Do you have to be qualified to purchase Linova Gel?
No you don't, anyone can purchase our products. Please send us a message for a step by step guide.

Is Linova Gel compatible with other brands?
Yes it is.
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